Oakmont Tennis Club


Court Status:

All 7 courts are open and ready for play!


Frequently Asked Questions

I just joined Oakmont Tennis Club. What happens now?

    A member of our Ambassador Committee will contact you to introduce you to fellow members and club activities. You will also receive an email containing the social calendar and adult clinics schedule. New members are encouraged to attend social events in order to meet other members.

Are there court fees?

    Oakmont members never pay any additional court fees.

I'm basically a beginner and I haven't played tennis for awhile. Where do I start?

    We offer you "free group clinics" to develop and improve your tennis skills several times a week. It is also a way to meet fellow members in a friendly atmosphere. Another option is in-house Pro lessons.

What if I want to bring a friend who is not a member?

    Members are permitted to bring the same non-member three times. The guest fee is $10 for each visit. Please consult the Oakmont Guest Policy for further details.

I'm searching for a place for my children to learn how to play tennis. Does Oakmont offer any junior programs or lessons?

    Oakmont offers a six-week summer Junior Development Camp, which is structured to address beginner, intermediate, and advanced junior levels of play. A junior membership includes free court access for the entire season, as well as the six weeks of camp instruction.

I will be coming directly from work to play. Is there a place to change?

    We have a clubhouse with a porch, social room, and men's and women's locker rooms/showers. Your membership includes free use of the facility, plus use of the ball machine and hitting wall.

Do you offer structured play?

    A doubles league meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 PM from June to September. An additional fee of $25 is required to join this league to help defray the cost of food provided afterwards (See club application.). There are also weekly advanced players groups and adult clinics at no extra charge.

When do the courts open and close?

    Our season begins in early March to accommodate the Allen Tennis Teams and ends in November. All dates depend on weather conditions. Daily, the courts and clubhouse are open 7:30 AM until dark.

I can't believe you still have red clay courts. Aren't they hard to maintain?

    They are very difficult to maintain. However, clay courts afford a much more forgiving surface, which, in turn, promotes serveral health benefits, since there is less stress on your body.

I have a neighbor whose mother used to play at Oakmont. How long has this club been around?

    2018 is the eve of our 100th Anniversary. Oakmont was founded in 1919 by World War I officers at Camp Crane in Allentown. Historically, the club evolved into a "not-for-profit" organization managed by a Board of Governors and sustained by generational cooperation and volunteerism.