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Oakmont Tennis Club
21st & Allen Sts.
Allentown, PA 18104

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Jeff Wenck

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Dave Bobb


Elaine Conner


Donna Butz

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Stan Berman

Barry Follweiler

Dwight Griffin

Bruce Kisthardt

Patrick Larrea

Ed Nissenbaum

Eric Pecuch

Kevin Wenck

June 7, 2019


Dear Friends,

Welcome to Historic Oakmont Tennis Club where we’re celebrating our 100th anniversary this year. Whether you’re a new or returning member, I hope you will also share in this excitement and pride of our club’s milestone.


Oakmont is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1919 by a group of World War One officers stationed at Fort Crane in Allentown. Our club’s ability to survive during a century of social, economic and recreational changes is awesome. We are happy that you have chosen to become a member and share in the charm and history of Oakmont.

I’m pleased to report the club is financially solvent and well positioned for the future. Over the past few years, we have made many improvements to our courts and grounds. Most of them were accomplished by volunteers, saving the club tens of thousands of dollars.  A few of these included:

     ·         Installation of new net posts on court 3

·         New shed on court 3

     ·         Upgrading our irrigation system

·         New custom benches on court 6&7

     ·         Remodeling our storage shed

·         New custom court brush&roller mounts

     ·         Branding of the Club

·         Purchased a new lawn mower

     ·         New clubhouse deck

·         Volunteer court maintenance costs


Currently, the greatest financial challenges we face are a slow, but declining membership base, escalating fixed costs, and costs to install a new parking lot, purchase a new roller and install a sediment control system.

This season we are partnering with Kids-Play Tennis and David Kurvink and his staff.  We hope the influx of new junior tennis enthusiasts, which David’s program will provide, might enhance Oakmont’s branding and awareness to a new audience and bring us future members. You will see an increase in activity at the club. All program times and coaches are posted at the clubhouse.

This season’s events are posted on the bulletin board, so please review them so you’re aware of court availability and to plan your participation in these events. In summary, Oakmont will offer our members 4 days of free lessons, 4 evening social and round-robins, 3 morning socials, US Open Bus Trip and scheduled Tuesday and Thursday doubles play and much more.

Please join us as we celebrate our 100th anniversary on August 10.  More information on the activities scheduled for this day will be forthcoming.  This will be preceded by a week of Open Tennis Tournaments from August 3 thru August10. We hope you will attend and participate in the fun. If you’re interested in helping in this endeavor please let us know.

We continue to cherish our long history with Allen High School’s tennis team. We look forward to hosting both the girls and boys teams in the 2019/2020 school year. This summer you’ll see many of these student athletes practicing at the club. I strongly encourage all members to engage with and mentor these students.

I’d like to thank our Board of Governors for their help in making your club and each season successful. Nothing can ever get completed without the involvement of others. This is especially true in a not-for-profit organization like Oakmont Tennis Club.  Our past presidents, yet still active, Stan Berman, Ed Nissenbaum, Bruce Kisthardt, and Dave Bobb, can certainly testify to these challenges. They all deserve tremendous appreciation for their unyielding commitment to our club. 

Also a special thanks to Dwight Griffin, Kevin Wenck, Dave Bobb and Nenyi Micha without whom we never could have opened the courts in March on time for the high school season. And my gratitude always to our steadfast secretary and treasurer, Elaine Connor and Donna Butz, who contribute so much to our club in a smooth and professional manner and who are always willing to give that extra effort.

It’s been 60 short years since I first set foot on the red clay of Oakmont. I so cherish the countless, quality friendships I have made here in my youth and adulthood. The quality time spent here with my parents, brothers, sons and wife are so very endeared in my heart.

Recently while reviewing some club archives, I came across a Morning Call interview from 30 years ago in which I was asked what my goals were for Oakmont. My answer: “Celebrate our 100th year anniversary.”  Dreams do come true. Thank you, Oakmont, for all the memories…

Play Red Clay..All Day!!

Warm Regards,

Jeff Wenck,

Oakmont Tennis Club