Frequently Asked Questions

Just joined Oakmont Tennis Club for the first time. What happens next?
We recommend that you review the information on our website to familiarize yourself with the club rules and to obtain information about our various activities, such as organized play and social events. We advise you to attend our first social in May. At this gathering, you will be given the chance to meet other members and ask questions. View the Social Events Calendar for the dates and times of the social events planned for the year.

Are there court fees?
Oakmont members never pay any additional court fees.

I’m basically a beginner and I haven’t played tennis for a while. Where do I start?
We offer free group clinics to help develop and improve your overall tennis skills. These clinics, based on levels of play, are offered throughout the week. Clinics also provide good opportunities to meet fellow members with similar skills in a friendly atmosphere. Visit the Clinic Schedule for more details. Another option is in-house Pro lessons. Information about lessons can be found on the Tennis Instructor page. 

What if I want to bring a friend who is not a member?
Members are permitted to bring the same non-member three times. The guest fee is only $15 per visit. Please consult the Guest Fee Policy for further details.

I’m searching for a place for my children to learn how to play tennis. Does Oakmont offer any programs or lessons for kids?
Oakmont partners with Winning Touch Tennis of Allentown to conduct ongoing instructional play for children. These programs are divided to address beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of play. Check out the Tennis Instructor  or Kids page for more information.

I will be coming directly from work to play.  Is there a place to change?
Yes, we have a clubhouse with men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers. Your membership includes free use of these facilities, plus the hitting wall, carts of balls, and ball machine.

Do you offer organized/structured play?
Yes, we offer organized play for all levels of players — beginners, intermediate and advanced.  We also offer free clinics for our members. Go to the full list of organized play under Organized Play and to our clinic schedule under Clinics.

When do the courts open and close?
Our playing season usually begins in late-March and ends in November. All dates depend on weather conditions.  The courts and clubhouse are open daily from 7:00 AM until dark.

I can’t believe you still have red clay courts. Aren’t they hard to maintain?
Yes, it takes a lot of time and expertise to keep this surface in prime condition for the best play possible. But it is worth it, since clay courts afford a much more forgiving surface for the body and are cooler to play on during the hot summer months.

Do the clay courts take a long time to dry?
They do take more time to dry than hard courts.  It’s important not to play on wet courts because that will cause damage to the playing surface, which will take time and hard work to repair.  If you can see your footprints on the clay, the courts are probably too wet for play.

I have a neighbor whose mother used to play at Oakmont.  How long has this club been around?
In 2019, we celebrated our Centennial Anniversary. Oakmont was founded in 1919 by World War I officers at Camp Crane in Allentown. The club evolved into a “not-for-profit” organization managed by a volunteer Board of Governors and sustained by members who willingly volunteer their time.  We do not have a paid staff.

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