2023 Oakmont Social Events Calendar


Sunday, May 21

12 Noon

Returning, New and Prospective members are invited to the opening of Oakmont’s 2023 season. If you’re a New or Prospective member, come learn more about Oakmont and the game of tennis, meet the board, other members, and arrange pick-up games. We will cook hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken on the grill. 


Sunday, July 23

10 AM

We’re halfway through the playing season. Come join us for some camaraderie, good tennis, and light refreshments.


Sunday, September 17

12 Noon

Come play some tennis with other members you might not get to play with very often. We’ll cook some hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken on the grill. Members are encouraged to bring “pot-luck” dishes to share.


Sunday, October 22

11 AM

Time to put the courts to bed and close the club for the season. We will leave one court up until sometime late November, weather permitting. We need everyone’s help to pull lines and nails, take down windscreens, and put benches, brooms, and line sweepers away, etc. This is a great time to reminisce about the season and reconnect with members/friends before winter. It’s always a lot of fun!